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Hi All,

Big news! Check it out. To have a chance to get a pair of passes to Tokio Hotel's appearance on the Alexa Chung show at MTV in New York City on Octobert 19th, you have to be between 15 and 25 years old (MTV rule) and post a reply to the following question under this Cherrytree Records forum topic.

In 200 words or less, what's your favorite song on the Humanoid album and why?

4 people (1 pair of tickets each) will be picked from the entries. Please remember that you have to be a member of able to make your own way to the MTV studios.

Good luck,
The Cherrytree Gang

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My favorite song is In Your Shadow.
I love the soft guitar at the beginning, and how the song is like a ballad but still powerful. Bill's vocals are amazing as ever and the lyrics are wonderful. The song shows what a true relationship should be like. The song is saying that even if you feel like your life has no purpose and you just feel like giving up, if you are with the person you love, this person who accepts you for who you are, you can make it through life. You belong together and with them by your side you wont give up.
From the new album it definitely has to be 'Humanoid' i just cant stop singing it.
from beginning to end i love that song... the sounds and melody are amazing and so entertaining.
as i type this i cant stop singing it.
Tokio Hotel has done a great job and cant wait to see them perform 'Humanoid' live in concert!
The album is amazingly great and im so proud of them.
Bill's voice sounds so sexy and hot in all the songs, but especially in 'Humanoid'


I'm a Humanoid!! and ready to take overrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

My favorite is Humanoid haha!!!!!!
"Hey You" is my favorite track off of the Humanoid album. Tokio Hotel has always supported being oneself and not letting anyone take advantage of you or hold you back--and this song exemplifies that. While trying out new techniques and styles, Tokio Hotel has managed to give a new sound to this important and relevant message. As usual, Tokio Hotel has stayed close to their roots, proving that they truly love and appreciate the music they make--and the fans they create it for. Overall, this song shows that Tokio Hotel continues to support being different, and that they are brave enough to spread that message.The band sounds better than ever on "Hey You," and it sounds like it will be amazing live!
My favorite song on Humanoid is Forever Now because the first time I heard it, it immediately reminded me of my best friend. I can honestly tell her so much I can’t tell other people, and we know things about each other that no one else does or probably ever will; like the lyrics from the song: “Whisper me all your secrets, whisper me all my secrets.” We know all each other’s little habits and quirks and can automatically (no pun intended ;D) tell if something is up. The beginning of the song describes how one can feel alone and without hope and then changes into something more optimistic: “Just your shadow’s touch makes me feel alive,” and this is how I feel just knowing that we will always be there for each other. And, although this sounds cliché and often ends up being untrue for many people, I know we will be friends forever. [=
It amazes me that Tokio Hotel (and of course: Dave Roth, Pat Benzer, David Jost, and Peter Hoffman) produced a song like this that I could connect to so well.
Well i guess i should just say that tokio hotel is my life! My favorite song on the new album is "Zoom Into Me" it is amazing. It really shows that someone will always be there for you when you need them, no matter how much it hurts. And that you should really open up to someone and not bottle it all up. It means alot to me, I love these boys so much I dont know here I'd be without their songs and lyrics :D Ich Liebe TH!
My favorite song on Humanoid is Dark Side of the Sun. I just love the energy in that song. The way it starts off with the chilling violins, and then picks up when Bill shouts HELLO is perfect. Dark Side of the Sun just has a great beat and it's great to jam to in the car. I also love the message. No matter what, Tokio Hotel has stuck through everything and always gives it 100%.
My favorite song would have to be Pain of Love. It truly is a deep song, one that goes beyond lyrics. This is a song has a place in your heart that very few songs can reach. It’s a song that shows people that love is an emotion that can go through hell and still survive. As the lyrics say, “The pain of love will last forever.” The pain you feel when you love someone with all your heart may never go away, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing, it makes us stronger. The beat of this song reminds me of an army march, “left, right, left, right.” Their love, and pain of being in love will go on forever, an endless march. But they aren’t alone in this march; there is the other person that loves, that also feels the pain. So many emotions are felt in this song, pain, love, and endurance to the love. A brilliant song with a deep meaning. There are many people out there that feel the pains of love, and will be able to connect with this song.
It's sooo hard to choose a favorite song, but if I'd have to say Human Connect Human. It's catchy and Tokio Hotel is talking about sex plainly in this song. The beat is amazing and fast-paced. When I first heard it, my jaw dropped. I wasn't expecting a sexual song from them. That band never stops blowing me away. It's different from what they usually sing, but they nailed it. It's a completely new way of singing about making love: "connecting.” It's not all sexual though, the lyrics also talk about love. Of course, it's not entirely clear if they're talking about connecting sexually or connecting emotionally. Maybe I'm just a perv and I saw the sexual aspect. Maybe Tokio Hotel left it to the listener to interpret. But I'm pretty sure that most of the song is hinting at sex. Also, I don't think the meaning is supposed to be that deep. It seems to me like a song that you can just smile about while you listen to it and think to yourself, "Wow, I can't believe they'd put that in a song... but it's awesome." It's just a fun song, you know?
My favourite song off the album is Humanoid, although it's definitely difficult to pick just one. Even from the first time I heard those first few seconds of guitar chords, I felt something so strong towards the song. For me, the song Humanoid really touches a part of me and my life that could only be described through music and the type of feelings this song brings to life. The song brings out a real struggle and fight and yet is completely uplifting, and I love every second of it.
I would have to say that my favorite song on Humanoid is "Human Connect To Human". I absolutely fell in LOVE with the sensual feeling of the song, I love to listen to it, it makes me feel so wrapped up! Every time i do, and I'm in the streets, I start walking to the beat of the song, twisting my hips, everything! It's the song that took me the least time to learn, I listened to it so much! It even feels like every word in it is a touch, it makes me feel so alive! :)
And OMG, wouldn't it be cool, cooler than cool to hear it LIVE?
Further proving the Rockitude of Tokio Hotel.
I hope I get picked! I was one of the late emailers, maybe this will turn it all around!

Love, Wendy :)
my favorite song is "that day"
it describes how when you have been waiting for a dream to become real for so long. you hold onto it because it’s your passion and it makes you more happy than anything else but everyone you care about tells you it is unrealistic and can never come true. you begin to listen to them for just a second and try to give it up for them but you feel so empty and broken without it and you can’t make yourself go on.
"You say I'm fixed But I still feel broken…BrokenLights Nothing works"
You cant believe the lies that you will be ok without what you love most or that you will forget about your dream in time. Without your outlet your passion stays locked inside where no one can see it. "The screams in my mind I keep them a secret " You realize you are lost without your dream. No one can save you, but yourself.
Although That Day has never come for me yet I know now i can never give up my dream in life. I will never. When i heard this song by Tokio Hotel i realized that.
My Favorite song on Humanoid has to be Humanoid. It's THe best song on it I think on my itunes playlist I've played it 68 times:) The beat alone just makes you want to dance and sing along. When i first heard it I instantly fell in love with the song. I can honestly relate to one part "I've dug myself in too many holes; Foolish and I know Loneliness hurts." I mean those lyrics are epic. the end



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