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Hi All,

Big news! Check it out. To have a chance to get a pair of passes to Tokio Hotel's appearance on the Alexa Chung show at MTV in New York City on Octobert 19th, you have to be between 15 and 25 years old (MTV rule) and post a reply to the following question under this Cherrytree Records forum topic.

In 200 words or less, what's your favorite song on the Humanoid album and why?

4 people (1 pair of tickets each) will be picked from the entries. Please remember that you have to be a member of able to make your own way to the MTV studios.

Good luck,
The Cherrytree Gang

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Dark Side of the Sun is a fantastic song on the Humanoid album.
It has such unique lyrics and melody, and since I play the drums, I love the drum beats. I love how Tokio Hotel has a new sound, but yet it is still the same.
I am the mother of two daughters who would really love to go see Tokio Hotel on Alexa Chung, these tickets would be given to them if I won. Thanks.
My favorite song is Geisterfahrer because of the girl singing the bridge part. Her voice is just beautiful and very angelical. The first time I heard it, it really touched me because I didn’t expect it.

I also like how Tokio Hotel incorporated a different voice in one of their songs; it’s nice to hear something a little bit different for a while.
"That Day" There is a line in the song that says "Everybody says that time heals the pain. I've been waiting forever, but that day never came" It means so much to me, b/c a few years back I lost a person that meant a lot to me. Everyone kept saying I would get over it, but yet it hasn't happened, and I doubt it ever will. This song means a lot to me.
My favorite song on Humanoid is 'Zoom Into Me,' because of its beautiful combination of melody with such touching lyrics. It speaks to me in such a way that only Tokio Hotel can, and the song reminds me that no mater what, I'm truly never alone, no matter how rough things may seem. It reminds me that Gustav, Tom, Bill, and Georg will forever be there with me, by my side, and always have been. 'Zoom Into Me' is a song I can get lost in because of how mesmerizing both the instruments and Bill's voice sound, and because it never fails to lift my spirits.
My favorite song on Humanoid is actually one of the iTunes bonus tracks. I LOVE "Attention!" The song suits Bill's voice so well and you just can't help but dance to it. You can really tell how well his voice has developed and I'm impressed every time I listen to the song. I don't have some poignant, deep reason for liking the song other than the fact that it just makes me smile and my life is really kind of crap right now, so I can use all the happy moments and smiles that I can get. That's one thing that I love about Tokio Hotel; whenever life is busy bashing my head in, I can always count on the band to make things a little better with their music. A not so secret secret: I like to blast "Attention" in my headphones and dance around in the bathroom so my sister can't see my terrible flailing. XD
My Favorite Song from the "Humanoid" Album is Human Connect to Human Why i like well i like the song due to the beat and rhythm and the song makes me dance besides its by tokio hotel!!!!! Who wouldnt like it the song is a new side ok tokio hotel and i like it :)
I would probably have to say Zoom into Me is my favorite song on the Humanoid album. Even though I love love love all the other songs on the album, Zoom into Me has a special message in its lyrics. Its saying who ever the song is about, they just want to find the right person, someone they can love and not have to worry about if they want them just for the money and fame. The way Bill feels about finding that one person he can love and trust. <33
My favorite song off of Humanoid is Zoom Into Me. It showcases Bill's soft, beautiful voice perfectly, and the lyrics are the greatest ever written. It shows how talented the boys of Tokio Hotel truly are. When Bill says "When you can't breathe, I will be there. Zoom into me," it gives me chills and I feel like he really means it. Tokio Hotel is a band that is able to pass emotions through the stereo, and into the souls and minds of the listener. When I listen to Zoom Into Me, I feel as if Bill is really sitting next to me, singing that song. The piano backing up his vocals shows how far Tokio Hotel has developed and matured and I love them now more than ever.
My favorite song is Humanoid. It's like nothing I've ever heard before. It completely doesn't follow the way a song is "supposed" to go. Break down those rules! The style changes so many times. It's so risky to even attempt. You would really never think to try to do something like this. It can turn out to be such a mess! It's almost hectic, but in the most organized way. Listening to this song the first time, my jaw dropped and "oh my god"s ensued. It's the things that aren't ordinary that stick out in your mind. This song is sure to leave and has left a mark in many people's minds. The song gives you a true feeling of "humanoid". To describe this song in one word or less: AMAZING.
My favorite song on the new album is Dark Side of the Sun/Sonnensystem, because it's ridiculously catchy and the sort of thing that you can turn on wherever you are and just dance and sing along. It sounds great between the English and the German too. I can definitely jam to both of them. :) Also, it's the kind of song that is just familiar enough that it's still so Tokio Hotel and it makes my heart swell because I have been waiting patiently and faithfully for this album for just under a year, not listening to any sneaks or even the singles until it came out because I wanted to be pleasantly surprised by it. And I was. It's a song that makes me feel like the boys are back, and that all that waiting was worth it, because their new sound is exactly what I was anticipating this whole time. Not to mention that it's so rockalicious and techno at the same time, and it just sounds so good I can't even believe.
This song, by the way, was the one playing on my iPod when my friend Colin finally decided to listen to them for the first time, even after he judged them at first, and decided that he liked them.
My favorite song off of Tokio Hotel's new album, Humanoid is "Hey You". It different than there other songs but I love the vibe the song gives and its very catchy! "Look at me, I don't have to fit in", is one of the first lyrics. This is probably one of my favorite lyrics of all songs because it's saying, "I don't care, look at me. I'm different, but that's me. I'm not something I'm not and I'm not going to change for you!" It's a great song just to play and dance/sing too. The drum part is amazing and I love how they are experimenting with different sounds. It's the type of song where if your having a bad, you can just keep playing it or the type of song just chill too. I think that "Hey You" is definitly on of Tokio Hotel's best songs, and has it says in the song, "Just turn it up!"
My favorite Song off of Humanoid would have to be 'Hey You'. Its a very catchy song that not only I, but my mother, father and brother can also listen to and like, and we can listen to driving, insted of arguing over what song to play next. I really love the beat to it, and just love it all together. Its a perfect song from a perfect band, and I couldn't ask for anything else.



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