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Hi All,

Big news! Check it out. To have a chance to get a pair of passes to Tokio Hotel's appearance on the Alexa Chung show at MTV in New York City on Octobert 19th, you have to be between 15 and 25 years old (MTV rule) and post a reply to the following question under this Cherrytree Records forum topic.

In 200 words or less, what's your favorite song on the Humanoid album and why?

4 people (1 pair of tickets each) will be picked from the entries. Please remember that you have to be a member of able to make your own way to the MTV studios.

Good luck,
The Cherrytree Gang

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World behind my wall.
Simply beautiful tune and lyrics; i imagine the "world" there is the world you'll be looking at through rose-coloured glass when you fall in love. That's why "they're telling me it's beautiful". I used to think that it is heaven after death, but "but will i ever know, the world behind my wall" shows that not everyone can be privileged to go to the "world", and since everyone has to die, i don't think it is valid anymore.
Also, even if it has got no meaning behind the lyrics (maybe it's me inferring too much, being a literature student), it's overall a really lovely song.
I love the song World Behind my Wall my reason is because i can really relate to that song. It's like i've been trying to tell people what its like to be me to be scared of getting hurt if i let down the walls that i've built around myself. This song makes me cry and for some reason i think Bill is reading my mind, because what he writes about is what i feel. I'm scared of guys and this song makes me feel like i can take my time to get use to guys and then maybe i can find out what real love is.
I Have to say that my Favorite Song is Alien.I choose this song because everyone knows what its like to feel out of place and not yourself, like something else is running you. And when you feel like that all you want is that person to bring you back to yourself. Alien explains that in the best way i know.
Thank you Tokio Hotel for Helping So many People feel alive again. Like you dont have to be normal. That its ok to be who you are no matter what.
My favorite song on the humanoid album is "world behind my wall" because I have never experienced the exciting things in this world. I have always dreamed of going far in life and when I ever I feel like I am getting far I end up being let down all My life I was expected to only get good grades and be a good child and I want to break free of the world I am living in, all My life I have had so much hurt and pain, I have begged for the freedom to be who I want to be and to see new things other then The violence I want to know more about the places in which I can be myself, and I can relate to the song "World behind my wall" I am trapped in a world in which there's always the same violence I would love to win It would mean the world to me :-) I have my heart completely in to this
Ewelyn Gren said:
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Ewelyn Gren said:
It´s so difficult to choose one of them becuse all are on Humanoid album is soo great! but to choose a favorit one it would be Automatic becuse when you hear the song you be so happy and you just want to sing and dance too it^^D the lyrics are sad but that´s means we most hold together to the end!

It would be so cool to meet Tokio hotel in New york i would be soo happy!.
so first of all, I LOVE HUMANOID. It's obviously the only thing I've been listening to for the past 10 days!
and i feel sorry for all of the other people who don't like Tokio Hotel's new transformation,
and sorry that they can't appreciate the greatness of this album! :)

anyways, my favorite song off of the Humanoid album would most definitely have to be 'Attention'.
first off, the beat and the tune of the song is great, every time i listen to the CD i just have to get up
and move to it, and i love the guitar parts of the song, just because :)
second of all, i can 1,000% relate to the lyrics. i'm going through the same exact thing.
the lyrics are so deep and are pulled from that place inside Bill that allows him to come up with amazing songs!
and of course Tom, Georg, and Gustav as well :D

so overall, BRAVO BOYS :) and cheers to my favorite band in the world for creating another spectacular album!
i can't wait until you tour over here :D i haven't seen you since last year! i miss my German boys! :)

and i would absolutely die if i could be sitting in an audience 20 feet away from Tom on my favorite show ;)

If I had to pick one song that I like the most of Humanoid, it would have to be “That Day.” The lyrics in this song really speak out to me. “Going to be ok, one day” really spoke out to me, it tells me that even though I make mistakes it will be ok, one day where I can forgot about it. I don't have to dwell on the past because one day...I'll be fine. This song brings me close to tears every time I listen to it. It has such deep lyrics and a sound that matches it off. I am so glad that my favorite band in the whole wide world gets to sing it. I hope that I can see them in New York City, because that is where I grew up and that it would make my life forever and ever. I love you Tokio Hotel.
My favorite song on the Humanoid album is Dogs unleashed. I love this song because the lyrics show how we shouldn’t have to follow everything people want us to do and that we should be unique. I think this is a great song for them because tokio hotel isn’t like other bands there different and they put feeling into all of there songs and have great meaning behind them. The rhythm to this song also fits it well and I think it will be an awesome song for them to play live. Bill's creativness to his lyrics gets his messages across to people really easy and in a fun way as well. I love tokio hotel forever there songs changed my life and inspired me to write a book that everyone in my school loves =] thank you tokio hotel!
My favorite song from the new Tokio Hotel album is Attention. I think that this song is one of their greatest masterpieces because this kind of mixture of music and lyrics can give fans something to relate to. The song is pretty upbeat and the words literally speak truth about the interaction of people in a relationship. At first when I heard this song I rejected it as something that did not sound like Tokio Hotel, but later on the more I listened the more I realized that this song has some kind of hidden meaning behind it, so I listened to it even more, this had led Attention to be one of my favorite songs. I also truly wanted to say thank you for making such a great new album...
CONGRATULATIONS! The winners are Yessica Sandoval, Lauren, Sarah and Lexie!

We still need the names from Yessica Sandoval and Lauren - so if that's your user name on here, please check your email or Cherrytree message inbox for a message from us. We need these names before 2pm EST.

Once again, congratulations to our winners and stayed tuned to for more prizes coming soon! :)



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