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Hi All,

Big news! Check it out. To have a chance to get a pair of passes to Tokio Hotel's appearance on the Alexa Chung show at MTV in New York City on Octobert 19th, you have to be between 15 and 25 years old (MTV rule) and post a reply to the following question under this Cherrytree Records forum topic.

In 200 words or less, what's your favorite song on the Humanoid album and why?

4 people (1 pair of tickets each) will be picked from the entries. Please remember that you have to be a member of able to make your own way to the MTV studios.

Good luck,
The Cherrytree Gang

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My name is Emily Allie and my favorite Humanoid song is Noise because the lyrics are so deep and meaningful. To me it means to speak up for what you believe in and don't silence yourself just to follow the crowd because "Silence can destroy", I made friends with a South Korean transfer and one of my classmates called her a bad name and I remember the lyrics to 'Noise' so I spoke up, they apologized and I knew I was right and it made me feel good, that's what Tokio Hotel has given me. I think I deserve this because I am such a fan and I haven't been to a concert yet, and this event is just so close to me I would hate to miss it. This would be a great oppurtunity for me. Thank you cherrytree, TH team, and Alexa Chung.
My favorite song off the album is Zoom Into Me. The reason I chose this song was because I always wondered what it would be like to be Bill. Yet in the same light I wouldn't want to because of how lonely he is. Even though I'm lonely myself he doesn't get privacy. I have been that person who walks alone at night in the cold. It is the only song I have ever cried to because I am scared of life and he is basically offering a helping hand. Something happened to me about two years ago that changed my life which makes love and being with someone scary to me and he is saying don't be scared. I still laugh to kill the pain and scream the silence away. It's like in every lyric he is describing me as well as him. That is the most beautiful song and the lyrics are very touching. I wish there was something I could do to help him but I can't. That is why that song also gets to me. Zoom Into Me is the best song I have ever heard and I'm very proud they made it.
My favorite Song is "Pain Of Love". It's catchy and sounds like an anthem for the hurt and in love. This song is absoulutely wonderful it talks about the on and off's the ups and down of a being in love. Love is pain. It's being Vulnerable and opening yourself up and letting your guard down to let someone in. It's exposing yourself to the pain of being hurt. Pain of love is the struggles of the relationship... And to truly love you must go through pain. Eventhough with all that the pain of love will last forever as long as you continue loving. Pain is tough to deal with and it's hits you hard when you least expect it. But without love there is no pain and without pain you can't have love. Love is Pain. And That's why "Pain of Love" Is my favorite song. It's beautiful and True. And Bill describes in his own unique way.
i cant just say i like one sonq cuz all of them have somethinq to do with me, but i will say zoom in to me!!
i love that Tom is playinq the piano nd wen Bill sinq that sonq is like a angel is sinqinq:-),theres alot of ppl that r scared to zoom in to the real love nd this sonq make me wan to be in love with Bill:)
my favorite song on the humanoid album is in your shadow i can shine because...words cant describe how much this song means to me. it makes me cry a little everytime i listen to it. bill's voice is the sweetest thing ive ever heard on this song and i can just imagine him sitting there writing it for someone he really cares about or wants to care about. all ive ever dreamed of was having a song like that sung to me by a very special person, like bill. its the most unique, beautiful, touching thing ive ever heard and it breaks my heart when i hear bill say "i hate my life." also, the music is beautiful. i wish i could tell tokio hotel, especially bill, how much this song means to me, and i want to thank them so much for it!
My favorite song is "world behind my wall" because it shows the beuty of the easy things on life and what the imagination can do if you wish it hard.
Other ones are "down on you" and "hey you" because they have a very good sound and make me dance like a fool,
"Automatic", "love and death" and "pain of love" are so awesome they just transmit me a deep message about what a true love can be or what happened if someone mess with your heart xD
in resume humanoid album its a combination of new sounds never heard before from Tokio Hotel and that makes the band to grow proffesionally and we can expect wonderfull things from them n.n
My favorite song from the album (at least for the time being) is Humanoid because it perfectly describes how I feel being a junior in high school. Everything piles up on me and pulls me in too many directions and I just feel frustrated and not like myself anymore. Eventually, I'm against everything and angry at the world for no apparent reason, but I can't help it; I just want something to take me away for a little while. Humanoid is a pretty accurate description of myself at the moment lol.
My favorite song from the album Humanoid is "Hey You" it really speaks to me it describes me and probably everyone else in the world. Tokio Hotel's music is so deep their music is realy unlike other artist out there. Tokio Hotel connects with themselve and their fans it's amazing.
Anyways, "Hey You" talks about not needing to fit in and that we are all the same nothing makes us bigger or better then the rest of the world and that is true. When I hear it the rhythm just takes me away I have to stand up and rock to it! even in an embarrassing place. :D
Plus Tokio Hotel has matured a whole lot. Trying new things is good because you want to stay cool and experience stuff. :) and I love bills new vocals and sounds that the guys put. :) - Yessica Sandoval 15
PLEASEE I want to win so bad! I've never in my life seen Tokio Hotel Live or anything and I always wanted to pleaseeee!!!!DX this would mean the world to me!
Phantom Rider is my favorite song from Tokio Hotel's newest album Humanoid. The reason being is because usually when people think of successful bands such as Tokio Hotel they think that they have everything that they want in their life. And in this song it shows that no matter how famous or rich you are there is going to be something missing and the one thing you're missing is the most important to you. In this case showing how Bill is successful in his career, he wants to fall in love, but for him it is too hard, so he believes he'll be lonely forever.
I for one am in search for the same thing he is, love. And even if I'm not with the one I love right now, I am in a way and if I don't meet him now, I will find him later.
The Dark Side of the Sun is my favorite because it completely describe their lifestyle as famous rockstar in one song. The way how I interpret is that they are uniformed; functioning like a robots in their everyday lives. Although the life of rich and famous is what they wanted, there's also a downside that. The sun is like their glamourous lifestyle in public view, but the dark side of the sun is when they have no privacy, everyday is a routine of meet and greets, recording, traveling..etc. Every action or any visual expression is heavily scrutinized by the media. Basically their whole life is pubically displayed no matter how private they try to maintain themselves. So with this song, they're describing how their lives are as artists and trying to find the one person who comprehends and accept them for who they are profoundly, rather than the life u see on camera.

Lauren N
I’ve been a devoted TH fan for 3 years now and a devoted Cherrytree girl for about 8 months … It’s songs like my “favorite” on their new album like That Day that give me such pride in these lovely musicians. I couldn’t REALLY choose a favorite though, as so many songs speak to my heart. However, That Day is special. Not letting go, it seems like the most important thing in the world. Sometimes it seems like it would be too easy, but with music and lyrics like Tokio Hotel’s they making not letting go seem easier. They especially make holding on easier, for the longest time, I held on because of them, until they taught me how to hold on for me. “Gonna be okay, Gonna be okay, one day, one day…” So true… Thank you to Tokio Hotel for giving me my life back, and to Cherrytree for giving this opportunity.
It's quite hard. I still don't have a favorite song because it's being delightful hearing the entire album. My choices have changed since I bought it; I have a favorite song each day. Now, I will pick "Phantomrider".
I choose this song because I, somehow, relate to it. Not only me, but many people. I have my own thoughts about love, and I can find some of them among the sentences of this song.
I am 18 and live in Manhattan, not very far from MTV. It'd be an amazing honor to win something like that since I have never won anything when the final result depends, mostly, on Luck. I first heard about TH in April (of 2009), and I liked them so much that I decided to create a page where I translate articles from Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian (languages I can speak). I have gotten 800 members in 2 months and I am really enjoying the work, even though my time has been tight because of college. It would make me very happy to be able to bring some information directly from myself based on what I've seen personally.
Thank you


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