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I've decided that whatever we think Tokio Hotel should do in the future should be written down here as future ideas. I'll start with a few.

-Tokio Hotel should collab on the song (I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone with The Monkees. I would sing with Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, and Bill.

-Tokio Hotel does a movie as German immigrants who go on vacation to Miami before moving to NYC. The twins become mermen by an enchantress near a tattoo parlor Gustav and Georg go to. I am actually currewntly writing it.

-Tokio Hotel guest star on the Simpsons as German exchange students who Lisa falls for. They all have would have different names and personalities on the show.

-They guest star on Top Gear with McFly completing different racing and car related challenges and of course doing the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car bit.

-TH on Ellen with Bill and Ellen playing Tom and Portia in ping pong while Tom tries to flirt with Portia. The boys show off dance moves, hidden talents, and even do a dunk tank.

I'll even consider Future Ideas for Tokio Hotel TV

-Bill does a photoshoot in a bright blue merman tail. He then gets taken to a beach where he keeps his tail shown to little kids who think he is a real merman. He then goes to Disneyland/World (whereever is nearer) and keeps Ariel company in her grotto. Then he dives into the lagoon next to it and just swims the entire day and waves and smiles at cameras when ever they flash.

-TH go to Disneyland/World and work as characters in the park. Bill as Snow White, Tom as a pirate from Pirates of the Carribbean, Georg as Prince Philip from Sleeping Beauty, and Gustav as Cinderella.

Comment below on what you each think should be added to either list.

Gracias, Danke, and Thanks.

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grawlix said:
- buy me a present.
- come to my birthday party.

Not that, I mean like TV appearances, stuff on YouTube, concert ideas.



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