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Maybe im just over looking it, but im noticing that theres not any hip hop/rap acts on this label? i figure its a "when the time is right" bid but, id imagine with all the dif kinda experimental hip hops acts that are exsiting in the underground that are getting fans and respect for breaking the mold of what hip hop is, its a matter of time before CTR picks one up

whats your feelings on such an issue? i ask this as both a fan of hip hop and cherry tree records, and an underground hip hop artist myself that does things "differently" then what hip hops thought of being. would cherry tree benefit from such an act on the label?

no shameless promotiuon here, you wanna hear my tracks peep my profile. otherwise, i made this for discussion alone.

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Well checkout Strange Fruit Project @ or just google them
Die antwoord! I am sorry, but we are going to have to reprogram you.



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