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Far East Movement's brand new album "Dirty Bass" is out today (June 12) in the US and we want to know which song off the album is your favorite and why. Tell us in the comments below!! 

You can purchase your copy of 'Dirty Bass' now from iTunes and all other fine retailers.

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ALL songs are superb! hard to choose, but i'm kinda shock with that Little Bird, sooo amazing. i'm waiting for the video, cherrytree :D

" If I Die Tomorrow "  its the Best  :) 

I like "If I die tommorow" Vocal of Bill Kaulitz is amazimg.

"If I Die Tomorrow":)

Bill's voise is so cooool!!!


"if i die tomorrow" and "live my life"

If I Die Tomorrow


Oh "If I Die Tomorrow" , doubtless!!

"If I Die Tomorrow" 

i liked all the song but for my favorite i definitely would chose if i die tomorrow =]

the favorite one is IF I DIE TOMORROW)) of course))

If I Die Tomorrow

If I die tomorrow... ;) Is absolutelly amazing I think you guys and Bill Kautlitz created magic together it got awesome, since the beggining until the end.... but I like very much of Live my life it is contagious since you listen to you don't forget anymore... great song too...



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