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Here's the official thread to request songs for Donnie Wahlberg's "DDub's R&B Back Rub" show for the Oct 30th show. List your requests below and thanks for listening and participating.

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please please please play "STORM" by JAMIE FOXX!!!! sheww! now that is sexy and would be even sexier with DDUB's intro!!!
hmmm... idk much of this genre but how about "kissed by a rose" by seal?.. that was my fave a while back.. still kinda is.. :) it would mean a lot to me! haha
My request is "Ignition" by R. Kelly or "Seems Like Your Ready" also by R. Kelly
I want to thank you for this Friday night adventure. You've made me look forward to Friday nights alone. Can you play "All This Love" by DeBarge. Thannk you. I love you.
Ok, You MUST play "All My Life" By KCi & JoJo! OMG....please please please please!! Thanks so much love! Ya girl, Althea a.k.a. DONNIE GIRL with SERIOUS JON ISSUES!! LOL!! :)
The show is amazing! Thank you for doing this! I'd like to request "Until the End of Time" - Justin Timberlake, "Slow Down" - Alicia Keys or "Fortunate" - Maxwell. Thanks!
Please play Last Night by Az Yet! I love the song and somehow it would fit your show....=) LOVE YOU and thank you. =) Twugs
Hey DOnnie... Hope you could play any of these hot songs, especially the TL song! :) Thanks babe!

Red Light Special- TLC

Whip Appeal- Babyface

IAint nobody going home- Color Me Badd

Last Night -Az Yet
Comforter - Shai
I'll Give All My Love To You - Keith Sweat
I have a couple requests...and i agree with "All My Life" & "Last Night"!!!

I Need Love-LL Cool J

My Body- LSG

Give It to You (ACAPELLA!!)- Jordan Knight

Lose Control- Silk

If I Ever Fall In Love- Shai
Oh and i think it would be fun to open the show with Rub You the Right Way by johnny gill one time!
Thank you so much for continuing to do this. I've had a lot of fun listening to the show and reading the comments.

If I Ever Fall In Love Again or Comforter by Shai
Lifetime-Maxwell (You're already killing me by repeating The Woman's Work, do this and YEAH. :) )
Turn Your Lights Down Low-Bob Marley with Lauryn Hill
Anywhere, Cupid-112

Collette aka BluePhoenix1 on twittah



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