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Big weekend for the Back's Valentine's Day on Sunday and there are some special things Donnie has in store.  If you have any special songs you'd like him to play for you on the Back Rub this week, leave them here.

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I'd like to hear these songs:

My Boo - Usher feat Alicia Keys
All Naturally - Wayne Brady
Beautiful As You - All 4 One

computer love - zapp/roger

thats all ^_^
Hi Donnie! My 31st birthday is February 15th,so i dont ask for much but to hear Valentine Girl Remix by Nkotb and Here and Now by Luther Vandross if you could make that happen! thank you! :-)
Ebony aka @Missnoir1
I would love to hear naked by marques houston i think is fitting for vday
I agree w/ Ebony Williams (see below) Here & Now (LutherVanDross)-Then again, I already had this song on list for suggestions for 2010 for BackRub....ahem go look again.
Whatever D decides especially for gals that do not have a MAN at this present juncture(by CHOICE of course)If I WANT IT Valentines Day guys are just a phone call away,but I don't want that anymore. But, no,...what I want I'd rather get from D(w/ no BS!!!)My Imagination works FABULOUS!!!!!! &D BRINGS ME THERE!!!!WORD!!!!!
Oh...........& one more thing.......I don't know what special guest he planned...'but with Rhea's permission (of course)' Having Mark Wahlberg as a guest would send everyone well, you know,..... that's like a double whammy!!!!Da**!!!!! ;) that is all...
******'WHAT'S MY NAME' -BRIAN McKNIGHT----------------I can just hear D talkin'/whispering during it..Da**!! Ask D to plz
go & listen & READ the lyrics.... so Fitting for the BackRub! Well, in my opinion anyway;)
Hey D, Another great Back Rub this week.. Nice guest !!!!
would love to hear the following


LUTHER VANDROSS - HERE AND NOW for my girl Ebony! :)

would love to hear SEXIFY MY LOVE by who else NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK

I'd love it if these songs were played:

Prince – Do Me Baby
Maxwell - Til The Cops Come Knockin
Bobby Brown - Rock Wit'cha

Can't wait! :)
My dude, you played 112?! That was..yeah. :)

If you could please,

Shai-Sexual, If I Ever Fall in Love Again
Janet-I Get So Lonely
Lauryn Hill feat. Bob Marley-Turn Your Lights Down Low
112-Love You Like I Did
Maxwell-Whenever, Wherever, Whatever or SuiteLady

Hey whatever you do, I'll be glued to the computer. :) Thanks for doing this! xoxo
Hey there Sexy Man! I would love to hear "Rope Burn" by Janet Jackson. This song is on The Velvet Rope CD.

Hey Donnie hope you are reading this here are the songs i would love to hear on Friday night love you Happy Valentines Day

Marvin Gaye -Distant Lover
Janet Jackson – Warmth
Maxwell-Pretty Wings
Rick James and Teena Marie - Fire and Desire
Teena Marie- Out Limb
Marvin Gaye; Tammi Terrell-If This World Was Mind
Sade –Nothing Become Between Us
Janet Jackson- Twenty Foreplay
Stacy Lattisaw/ Johnny Gill - Perfect Combination
A Taste Of Honey - Sukiyaki instrumental talking time :)
Lalah Hathaway - Forever, For Always, For Love
Kem - I Can't Stop Loving You



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