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DDub's R&B Back Rub - Official Request Thread for Oct 23rd show

Here's the official thread to request songs for Donnie Wahlberg's "DDub's R&B Back Rub" show for the Oct 23rd show. List your requests below and thanks for listening and participating.

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PLEASE play Ne-Yo Sexy Love and send it out to YOUR GIRL DENISE IN ROXBURY NEW JERSEY...
I miss you, love you and music but above all YOUR POSITIVITY!!
Thank you for always keeping it REAL!!

So much LOVE,
Denise @DeeeDub
Hello Mr Wahlberg!
I love this show. I like save my backrub for Sunday Nights.. An excellent way to wind down and get ready for the grind!!
Here is a few more songs I thought of.

Moments in Love, extended version
Rope Burn; Janet Jackson (a little steamy,but we can handle
Mirror- Ne-Yo (oh yesssss!)
Pretty Girl by Jon B
Are you still down- Tupac and Jon B
I love anything you play... You seem to get the mix just..right..!
Thanks Dub!
Karyl (carol,like Christmas)
Twisted-Keith Sweat
Red Light Special-T.L..C.

Lynda (aka. @Addicted2Ddub) from Michigan

I love you Ddub!
I would LOVE to request Shai "If I ever fall in love" because it is a sexxxaaaay song and it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside!!! WOOOOO hehe LOVE YA DONNIE!
Like You'll Never See Me Again - Alicia Keys; Since I Seen't You - Anthony Hamilton; Come & Talk to Me (Remix) - Jodeci; Can You Stand the Rain - New Edition; 4 Leaf Clover - Erykah Badu; and, Stare at You - Those Beautiful BeanTown Brothers from the Block. If you want a lil Hip-Hop smoothed out on the R & B tip try - You Got Me - The Roots; Never Been in Love - Talib Kweli; and, The Light - Common. I could go on for DAYZ!




Rock me tonight - Freddie Jackson
Secret Lovers - Atlantic Starr
Slow Jam - Midnight Star
Don't Disturb This Groove - The System
Hi can I request the song frm H-TOWN ..KNOCKIN-DA-BOOTS frm your girl Chantelle in Toronto,Canada aka channynkotbgal on twitter ... Thanks for everything you do for us Donnie.. all you know how to do is GIVE TO US FANS ...xo babe
Jamie Foxx - Slow & Intuition

Teitur - One and only
I'll make love to you-boyz II men
brown sugar-Deangelo
How about you play HALO by Beyonce for my BFF Nikki Here in Chas SC. She could really use a back rub from your talented hands
I would love to hear Donnie Wahlberg introduce (and play) the song Have You by Jordan Knight.

Thanks -



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