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DDub's R&B Back Rub - Official Request Thread for Oct 23rd show

Here's the official thread to request songs for Donnie Wahlberg's "DDub's R&B Back Rub" show for the Oct 23rd show. List your requests below and thanks for listening and participating.

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bjork- all is full of love
dave matthews band- crush
o.a.r - hey girl
but, if these top songs do not put ddub in the right mood, then:
r. kelly - your bodys callin ( his and hers extended remix)

one more request that would make all the girls go crazy-
to sing live-- nkotb song -- one song -- even if it is just one verse or one line on air. i would yell Wooo really loud.
Pony - Ginuwine and Candy Rain - Soul for Real
Twisted - Keith Sweat
Requests from Trisha, Angela and Liz in Mount Pleasant, MI
Come and Talk To Me - Jodeci

DDubRoxMySox aka Jenn in Utah :)
Pony - Ginuwine
I'll Give All My Love To You - Keith Sweat
Freakin You - Jodeci

DDUb I would love to hear My My My by Johnny Gill. I would also like to hear Tender Love (Jordan Knight) version of course. For Melody
Request: Boyfriend Number 2- Pleasure P - cause DDub is our BF # 2 or at least our men feel that way sometimes. LOL!

DDub- if you pick this song I'm expecting to hear you say my name in that sexy R&B voice!!! LOL! ;)

ddub can u please play red light special by TLC

say my name by Destiny Child

if u pick my songs can please say my name
in that hot sexy voice of yours Donnie
Thank you

your Girl

From Boston
Still in Love with You (New Edition)

Suzi in MD
I Need Love - LL Cool J
Don't Leave Me - Blackstreet
Someone To Love - Jon B./Baby Face
Fortunate - Maxwell

Sex Is on My Mind - Blulight
My Body - LSG
Sumthin Sumthin - Maxwell
Someday Is Tonight - Janet Jackson

Christina from Milwaukee
Bump N Grind ~ R Kelly
I'll Make Love To You ~ Boyz II Men
Twisted ~ Keith Sweat
My Baby Daddy ~ The Biz & B-Rock (LOL!!!)
My Pony ~ Ginuwine

Stacey (a.k.a. @BlueGlitter82) from Lansing, MI



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