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Leave your ideas and comments here on what you think should be Colette Carr's Halloween costume this year!

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A Bananna, Tomato, A Kitty, A Dog, A Tellitubby, Obama, Jay-Z, President Bush, Homer Simpson, Cartman from Southpark, McLovin or a Dolphin
I think Colette should go as Yo-landi from Die Antwoord! :D
A mermaid or a dolphin :)
John Adams would be an epic Halloween costume for Colette.
this ishh is BANANASSS! haha
I think Colette should be Pikachu xD
She should be whatever makes her happy! :-)
I think being the 2nd President of the US would make her happy, don't you?! :D
From what i've heard her say, No i don't think it will lol..
OR A MERMAID!!! She can swim with Nora! :)
she should be barbie!!


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