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So the Cinema Bizarre contest is going to be a "point and click "contest. You need to point to something that reminds you of Cinema Bizarre , take a picutre of it and post it. Since it can be of almost anything (within good taste), please include a few words of explanation if needed. If you do not have access to a camera you can also photoshop or draw one on like Perez would. The prize will be an autographed band picture and we will be giving out 5 of them chosen randomly amongst all the entries but only one entry per person. Feel free to post as often as you are inspired to do so. The last contest really took off.

Here is my example. I am pointing to the prize.

This contest will end on April 3rd at 10am PST.

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The one of the first things that comes to my mind when I think about Cinema Bizarre, besides great music, is anime and manga! Since they met eachother at an anime/manga convention, this is why it comes to mind. The picture I took is part of my anime and manga collection! I wasn't pointing at a specific title, I wanted to point at the all the manga and anime DVDs! ^_^ (sorry the room is a bit messy though)

My idea was it to put them on a egg.
I'm always thinking of them when I'm thinking about Eastern,
because as I was on the concerts in Hamburg
young girls wear ears from "rabbits" in their hair.
So i think it's bizarre and itgives it only one time^^

Me, in a sailor hat.
It reminds me of strify now cos of that new photo of him in the sailor hat haha

oh and this one:
silver sequin chucks and zebra skinny jeans
sometimes I'm so glam rock, it hurts.

because its cool and funny like CB are :D

my heart reminds me of them
I had choose this photo because it remins me the first concert of my life, CB's concert!!!These bracialets were with me that day and they are always with me!!!
Yeah! And Japanese flag reminds me of Cinema Bizarre too! :))

~ M-W_S aka Marky

love <333
I don't know if my picture I posetd on April, 1st, is at the good place so, I repost it here

I chose the manga Nana that I love because it makes me think to Cinema Bizarre for many reasons :

- Strify said he likes the manga
- the story takes place in Japan, which is an important country for them
- one of the character's nickname is Shin
- Ren Honjo wears the same "padlock" necklace than Yu
the contest is now closed. we will reopen this thread once the 5 winners have been announced in another thread.

great job everyone.

the guys seem to have endless energy, hence the sugary goodness of asian candy.
uhhhhh yummy =)



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