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So the Cinema Bizarre contest is going to be a "point and click "contest. You need to point to something that reminds you of Cinema Bizarre , take a picutre of it and post it. Since it can be of almost anything (within good taste), please include a few words of explanation if needed. If you do not have access to a camera you can also photoshop or draw one on like Perez would. The prize will be an autographed band picture and we will be giving out 5 of them chosen randomly amongst all the entries but only one entry per person. Feel free to post as often as you are inspired to do so. The last contest really took off.

Here is my example. I am pointing to the prize.

This contest will end on April 3rd at 10am PST.

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I chose the beautiful colorful BIZARRE city that inspired Cinema Bizarre; Tokyo! It means a lot to them and it would mean the world to us fans for Cinema Bizarre to perform in Tokyo!

:D Since the guys love, LOVE! liebe, LIEBE! Fashion and style.. hehe

Everytime I see this shoes I think about this guys, specially about Yu and Rom3o. Of course now I have a Shoe fetish. XD

I chose the disco ball in my room because the Cinema Bizarre boys love to dance and have fun all the time.
I love ur nails in the pics! lol

Jaycee Gancena said:

everytime i listen to Lady Gaga, i think of them . dancing. XD
and everytime i see my Cinema Bizarre EP (which i had to travel to America to get)
it makes me smile :)

When I see that quote " I'm so glam I sweat glitter" It makes me think of Strify because he is glam and loves glitter. I can picture Strify saying that quote or the whole band not just Strify. Since their style is glam mixed with other genres it reminds me of CB. Sorry for the bad camera quality my webcam doesnt work well that much anymore.
Big sunglasses:

This is Claires!!! x3 It's an acessories store that exists in almost all Europe. ^^ It remembers me of CB cuz I remember a time when the fans always gave them acessories from this store to the guys. Also the guys always used a lot of the acessories from this store. Everytime I enter this shop and I start looking around I'm like "OMG! Yu has this gloves!" or "Hey I saw Kiro with a necklace like this one the other day!". It's really funny! x3

They're Gazette fans. I <3 fellow Jrock fans! Plus look at the boa on if that didn't inspire anybody? *coughcough*stify*cough*

......well, all things shown are some of things i love and enjoy!! :D
and they also are many things the boys like, so whenever i draw i remember kiro likes to draw and especailly anime characters, like into styling my hair and the glitter life like strify and all the guys...i love watching movies and fanatsy and attraction lead me to my final fantasy ;D
~*~forever fantasy~*~never reality~*~.....and im listening to miyavi right now, love j-rock ^____^
xo claire

This is my little sister, I chose her picture because her personality is amazingly BIZARRE!
She has a kick-a** attitude, bubbly loving personality, and everytime I put my Cinema Bizarre CD she always tells (well yells at me) to put "Ever-Never"(Forever or Never) in her words! So her personality,style, and my love for her reminds me of Cinema Bizarre!!!
(in the picture she is wearing her mix & NOT match,halloween witch costume about 3 days before Christmas! lol)

That is my drawing of Kiro, and well, I freaking love Kiro. He's just awesome. And Im pointing to it, see? XD



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