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So the Cinema Bizarre contest is going to be a "point and click "contest. You need to point to something that reminds you of Cinema Bizarre , take a picutre of it and post it. Since it can be of almost anything (within good taste), please include a few words of explanation if needed. If you do not have access to a camera you can also photoshop or draw one on like Perez would. The prize will be an autographed band picture and we will be giving out 5 of them chosen randomly amongst all the entries but only one entry per person. Feel free to post as often as you are inspired to do so. The last contest really took off.

Here is my example. I am pointing to the prize.

This contest will end on April 3rd at 10am PST.

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This thing reminds me of the song "After The Rain" => Cinema Bizarre

~ M-W_S aka Marky

This film constantly reminds me of Cinema Bizarre.
In him there is a moment where Nana dresses to the fellow Renu on a neck chain, and closes it on a lock. The same zamou I very often see on Yu.
Nana said that it had hung up him, because did not want to be single. I think and hope that Yu not when will not be single.
"Final Destination" reminds me of Cinema Bizarre because Kiro like this film...
*and me like this film too (:*

~ M-W_S aka Marky
And flag of Germany reminded me of Cinema Bizarre because they are from Germany! :)
*I have many ideas ^^*

~ M-W_S aka Marky
Yeah! And yet I learn German and it too reminds me of Cinema Bizarre!!! *jaaa*

~ M-W_S aka Marky

Japan-visual kei-Yu
I can't quite explain it but the thought of Berlin makes me feel good and happy like there's something out there in that city that could make me happy and content. And that's how I feel when I think of Cinema Bizarre, their music speaks to me in volumes (no pun intended) and makes me feel ... xD
My best friend drew this a while ago, it's almost as if we knew this contest was going to happen. I liked it so much I wanted to put it somewhere I'll be able to see it every day, so I stuck it up on my wall which faces my bed and my study area. It inspires me and always makes me think of Cinema Bizarre for obvious reasons. Hope she doesn't mind that I used this photo, but I just thought it was perfect, plus it shows off her drawing skills ... watch out Kiro jks xD
Notebook = Internet = Music, Video, Photos, News = Cinema Bizarre

~ M-W_S aka Marky

Brilliant! Festive! Mysterious!

The black pearl from pirates of the carebbean, because it reminds me of the Pearl drum set from shin

There is just so much that reminds me of CINEMA BIZARRE xD...but here are some things ^^

Everything here doesn't need much explanation xD ..BUT.. Perfect Girl Evolution Manga (becoz the character Sunako, gets nose bleeds from seeing attractive people and she lives with four attractive men to help her become a lady...and me who lives in Australia has never seen Cinema Bizarre live..n think i will get nosebleeds if i ever do xD) and my laptop (becoz, again living in Australia i haven't seen them live..and only way of keeping up to date and interact n find out about them is through the its my door/eye? to Cinema Bizarre..tehehe but we Aussie fans shall wait under the southern cross stars and call out to u past the seas ^__^..woot CINEMA BIZARRE DOWN UNDER ONE DAY!..)



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