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So the Cinema Bizarre contest is going to be a "point and click "contest. You need to point to something that reminds you of Cinema Bizarre , take a picutre of it and post it. Since it can be of almost anything (within good taste), please include a few words of explanation if needed. If you do not have access to a camera you can also photoshop or draw one on like Perez would. The prize will be an autographed band picture and we will be giving out 5 of them chosen randomly amongst all the entries but only one entry per person. Feel free to post as often as you are inspired to do so. The last contest really took off.

Here is my example. I am pointing to the prize.

This contest will end on April 3rd at 10am PST.

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This reminds me of Cinema Bizarre because Kiro really loves Sailor Moon. I remember in the buzznet interview he mentioned SM as one of his favorite mangas. I grew up with SM myself and it started my entire obsession with asian things so I grabbed my one and only Sailor Moon english version manga just for Kiro <3

ok here is another. I wear dark make-up just like the CB Boys do <3 So I got all of my dark rocker make-up that was in my make-up case and displayed it. I love the style of these guys so much!!!

Because in 50 years, you guys will still be cool, even as old german grandparents just like my Opa here!
Except, you won't (or hopefully won't) steal your grandchildrens shutter shades.

I think of Cinema as something fun and dramatically inspiring. So this is definitely my bizarre pointy picture =]
My banana reminds me of Cinema Bizarre for obvious reasons.
Both of our banana's fail.
you know you're obsessed when ..

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CB music is in my heart & blood

because Kiro loves Sailor Moon! :D
Here is my example.
It's a photo of myself )
beacause beside boys form diferent =)
beacause beside boys form diferent =)
MP3 => Cinema Bizarre

~ M-W_S aka Marky
Guitar => Yu => Cinema Bizarre

~ M-W_S aka Marky



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