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So the Cinema Bizarre contest is going to be a "point and click "contest. You need to point to something that reminds you of Cinema Bizarre , take a picutre of it and post it. Since it can be of almost anything (within good taste), please include a few words of explanation if needed. If you do not have access to a camera you can also photoshop or draw one on like Perez would. The prize will be an autographed band picture and we will be giving out 5 of them chosen randomly amongst all the entries but only one entry per person. Feel free to post as often as you are inspired to do so. The last contest really took off.

Here is my example. I am pointing to the prize.

This contest will end on April 3rd at 10am PST.

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I picked a gingerbread house because when CB was on Viva Live they were building a gingerbread house! It is my favorite interview that they did and whenever I see a gingerbread house it makes me think of that and makes me smile =D
p.s. When I drew a finger on it, it would not let me upload it onto here.

Kingdom Hearts, because a good amount of Final Fantasy characters are in it and FF is one of CB's favorite games.... And KH is a fun game. =P

I choose Final FAntasy because the video love songs they kill meremembers me a lot to it jeje :)

i did this by myself.. i know it's sloppy and weird, but i tried and i really hope i win.. :) plus i think it's kind of funny.. xD

This totally reminds me of Cinema Bizarre´s "Angel in Disguise" song, accually I bought it ecause of the song wich I love, just as Kiro, Shin, Strify, Yu, Romeo and Luminor!!! love CB xoxo

my birthday b\c it's Shin's Birthday too

...because real men wear eyeliner. xD
Tokio Hotel reminds me greatly of Cinema Bizarre. For a lot of reasons. I found Cb through TH. And they both make great music. And I discovered both around the same time. And they're both German. And they have amazing accents. And they are both completely gorgeous.

OLD MAN CANE-- *clears throat* pimp stick. (lovesongs (they kill me))
Ammie S said:
OLD MAN CANE-- *clears throat* pimp stick. (lovesongs (they kill me))

the pimp stick is important yes...hott
My special glitter stash

Kinda obvie.
Never drop your eye make-up, it's horrible having to get it off the floor XD

Pretty Lame.. Haha Homemade. My camera sucks and doesnt work...
BUT this is some of the many things that remind me of Cinema bizarre.



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