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we had so many pics sent over on Twitpic after the show it was amazing. Can you also be so kind to put them here for the people that dont follow on Twitter? Thanks. It was so much fun meeting a lot of you.

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The masked Strify.

I went to the show, I met the band and everything (such sweet guys, DANKE SCOTT!)
and the show was great. <3

My friend took this picture of Kiro

i had some great pictures so i uploaded them on photobucket sorry i had to many i wanted to share to put up here so heres the link and i put video up on youtube under the name yclover31608
Absolutely amazing concert!

OMG ... Kiro is so ... *cant find words* ... i mean look at his hands.. they are so ... rrrrrrrrr and the rest of the guy is also ....rawr *g i think you know what i mean *G


and =)

the concert was soo good....and crowded lol p.s. btw when yu threw his towel me and my friend got clobbered lol



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