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You can also talk to other Rec'ers, including those that attended Cherrytree London as well as the Cherrytree Records staff, in this Forum. You will be able to swap stories, photo's and videos of your experience at Cherrytree London. Start sharing your Cherrytree London experience below.

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Hey guys!


It was really great getting to meet so many new people at Cherrytree London on Monday, I had a great time. I've posted some of my pictures in a photo blog here, but in case you missed them, they're at the top of this post too, in a slideshow.


I have to say thank you to everyone who helped out on the day, Joao, Jess, Rachel, Josef, Alice, Agata and my family and friends. It was a great night and the help was very appreciated.


I was helping out on the merch booth for most of the night, so I got to meet quite a few people who were coming over to get the wristbands to stay after the show and meet the artists. I also met up with a few people who had emailed me before the event, like Mel who came all the way from AUSTRALIA! And Ahmed who I saw at the very end just as he was leaving. It was nice to be able to put faces to names.


The show was incredible. Totally out of this world. I was watching from the side of the room, seeing how everybody in the crowd was responding to the performances, and that night I couldn't have been more proud to be a part of the Cherrytree family. Ellie Goulding came on and surprised everybody with her beautiful acoustic performance. Followed by Colette Carr, who totally blew me away, she was just incredible. Natalia Kills i've seen live a few times now and she just gets better and better each time, and she totally out did herself again. Frankmusik was also amazing, as were Far East Movement and LMFAO. They were all just so much fun! It was a truly awesome night.

I loved the little collaborations between the artists on stage too. It really got across the Cherrytree Family vibe.

It seems like everybody had a great time on Monday night and I can't wait to read more from you all. Upload your pictures too, I'm looking forward to seeing them.


Thank you to everybody who made it an unforgettable night.



Monday was such an amazing experience, one that I wouldn’t have missed for the world! I was an intern for Cherrytree, I didn't know what to expect or what I'd be doing but I knew it was going to be an experience of a lifetime!

Even though I was an intern I felt 100% a part of the Cherrytree family! It was a bit bizarre to start with seeing all these artists walk in and just chill around us doing their sound checks but I soon got used to it.

I learnt how to fold t-shirts which is a bonus!

To start the show off was Ellie Goulding, incredible as always! The crowd even wanted more! Then it was onto Colette Carr, I'd met her earlier in the day and she was so nice and incredibly funny! I'd heard a few songs but seeing her  live took her music to another level, phenomenal!!

Then it was Natalia Kills who literally did kill her performance!

Then it was Frankmusik, I heard him in sound check but he stepped up his performance even more in the show, amazing!

Then it was Far East Movement, their music is beautiful to start with but live they are even more incredible, absolutely stunning!

Then it was LMFAO! literally never seen an act perform as hard as they did! Blew my mind, never seen anyone party rock as hard!

It was so nice to see all the acts on the same stage enjoying themselves at the end of LMFAO's set, really shows how much support each of the acts show each other!

Can't say thanks enough to Cherrytree, especially Dean for inviting me to help out! Not only were the acts amazing and down to earth but the staff made me feel so welcome and apart of the label.

Such wonderful people at this label, made the event one of the best nights of my life!

Thank you so much Cherrytree! <3

The moment I knew that I was, not only attending CherryTree London, but to be an intern for the day I couldn't think of anything else other than how excited I was. Even my recent trip to Ibiza was plagued with thoughts as to what could happen and what I could be doing. 


When I arrived at the venue I was beyond nervous and really shy but as the day progressed and thanks to the amazing people at CherryTree I felt so welcome and even though I was only an intern I felt such a part of the CherryTree family. I was beyond amazed at some CherryTree staff remembering who I was from last October!! 

It felt so strange seeing the artists walk around during soundcheck really casually and be like metres away from me but I quickly got used to it.

All the acts sounded utterly amazing during soundcheck!!! Having Natalia Kills say my name through the microphone gave me such an out of this world feeling that had me in the most happiest mood I think i've ever been. I can't put into words how amazing it was meeting her, Day'nah & Pamela again!!. Natalia killed both her soundcheck & performance.

Frankmusik was the first to soundcheck and I wasn't disappointed in the slightest!! His music has never sounded more beautiful than it did on stage!! His performance had so much energy and found myself singing/raving to myself from the merch table haha. No ID + No Champagne <3 <3

Knowing that CherryTree London would be one of the first places where Colette Carr would perform got me so excited for her performances!! and WOWW I was beyond impressed :O Back It Up + (We Do It) Primo never sounded more...PRIMO! plus her new tracks which NEED to be on my iTunes. So happy I got to finally meet her and to have an amazing photo^^

I knew that Far East Movement's show were high energy but until then I had NO IDEA!!! Their performance was next level to the extreme^^^ EVERY track just made the speakers explode with energy..EPIC!!!

Following on from the high energy was LMFAO!!! Seriously I had such an urge to run into the crowd and join in with the raving!! Just pure awesomeness during every track...especially in Champagne Showers & Party Rock Anthem with the inclusion from a girl in the audience :P  

In all EVERY act was beyond what I could ever imagine and I would like to say thank you to everyone at Cherrytree for this amazing opportunity and experience and to thank most of all Dean for giving me this opportunity!! 


Thank you so much CherryTree!!! 


Josef <3


P.S One of the greatest lessons I learnt......BLU-TAC>>>>>>>>Double sided tape :P 

Monday was honestly one of the best days of my gigging life. I was interning for Cherrytree which meant so much to me as opportunities like these don't come across very often so when I was asked I had absolutely no problem saying yes! Even though I was a tad late (thank you road works) and ended up in the wrong building (thank you Google Maps), Dean and Jess rescued me and took me to the right building! Immediately I was introduced to Andrea who quickly made us feel welcome and a part of the Cherrytree Family.

We were quickly put on our toes and got to work on trying to make Cherrytree London a night to remember! We began by putting up posters all around the venue (see Dean's picture blog) which was such good fun especially when you meet Redfoo from LMFAO whilst sticking his face on the wall as he enters the building :') We also got to hand out Pizza to the people waiting in the queue as well as people inside the venue who were watching Soundcheck. It was an amazing opportunity to meet people and to show my appreciation to the artists that I have been listening to for years whilst feeding them, I mean how many people can say that they have given out Pizza to Melody Thornton, Frankmusik and the friends and family of Natalia Kills haha?

When it came to Cherrytree London starting, from start to finish we were all blown away at the merch table. From a surprise performance from Ellie Goulding to LMFAO closing the show with all of the artists on stage. We were all having a little boogie at the merch table while everyone performed (Well I was anyway haha).

Ellie Goulding has an amazing voice live. She played the guitar which always makes me melt and was definitely a highlight! Colette Carr absolutely killed it with her debut performance. It was so weird that a few weeks before I was watching her videos on YouTube as she gets ready to release her first album and there I was listening to her live for the first time. She is a natural on the stage! Natalia Kills was up next who I have now seen THREE times live and I can never get enough of her. She gets better everytime I see her and I'm seeing her again next month when she returns and I cannot wait. Hearing 'Free' as an acoustic for the first time was another highlight, she has such a beautiful voice. After was Frankmusik who I have been listening to even before his first album was released and to hear the new mixes of his older songs was so refreshing and to see him collaborate with Natalia Kills and Colette Carr, you definitely get the feeling that Cherrytree is not just a record label it is a Family. FM was up next who were incredible, they really did build to the climax of the night they made the crowd go wild and set the mood for LMFAO. Hearing Natalia Kills sing on 'Like A G6' was another highlight as I didn't expect it so when she came out, the little fanboy in me was screaming out haha. And then LMFAO were just superb. The new songs are brilliant and their crowd interaction is really good too! It was awesome to see so many people come up to the merch table with LMFAO gear. And for Champagne Showers, when they opened up the bottles and sprayed everyone down, seeing that was just wow. The crowd were loving it. You really got the sense of Cherrytree being more of a family when LMFAO brought out Martin and all of the artists who were there. It was a proud moment for everyone involved with the night and for everyone at Cherrytree.

I unfortunately had to leave early so I didn't miss the last train home but I stayed for as long as I could and it was one of the best nights ever. I cannot thank Dean and Cherrytree enough for giving me this opportunity. It meant the world to me to be a part of such an incredible event.

Thank you so much to everyone who works at Cherrytree, not just for giving me the chance to intern but to also be a part of the Cherrytree Family.

Cherrytree London was probably the best experience ive ever had in my life. Had no idea i was going until the morning of the event and im SO happy i made it, would have hated to miss it. Me and my sister spent all day getting ready, we were so excited and hyped and when we finally did get there we waited outside dying to get in. Groups stood outside handing out leaflets, promoting themselves i guess, and we were offered pizza from the artists :)

When we got in, Ellie Goulding was on first. Totally unexpected, she rocked it. I loved how she got the crowd pumped and ready for the rest of the night, wish she stayed for longer though. Colette Carr was the next on. She got me jumpin' with her 'primo' track, (made sure i downloaded that) followed by Natalia Kills, (got my 5's got my 10's got my 20's out) who also rocked it, they all did.
Frankmusic was next, once again, awesome performance. From the second i heard 'Do It In The AM' I was on edge waiting for Far East Movement to come on, and when they did, i swear i nearly...

...anyway, from that moment onwards, I had my hands in the air, was jumpin' up and down feelin that 808 bump! I'd never been to a concert and seen a group so full of energy, gettin the crowd movin' like they did. Proh jumped into the crowd, and sunk (hahaha), they threw their towels and water bottles in, it was crazy.


LMFAO put the cherry ontop of the tree man, they just topped off the night, got me goin wild at the front! Quest Crew joined them a couple mins into their performance and i was like, can this get any better? They soaked the crowd with 'Champagne Showers' ;) absolutely soaked my hair but it was all good, threw some glow sticks in there. 'Shots' was crazyyyyyy... everyone got on stage rocked out... it was just wow!

I could talk about this all day, the night just went so fast and before we knew it, the whole thing was over. At the end we got to meet and greet all the artists, i got to speak to Kevin, thanked him for his tweet ;) JSplif liked my sis' FM t-shirt and Jae and Proh both loved my OMG top. I got to take some pics and got autographs from them all. On the way out, we ended up getting in the lift with Kev and DJVirman, we talked a little, shook hands and sadly had to say bye :(

Getting home was another story. We missed the last train and my phone battery died but we managed to get my mum out of bed to come pick us up; ended up getting home at 3am and i had to be up for 6. The night was so amazing, i didn't care, i actually wish i could turn back time and do it all again from start to finish.

I just wanna say thank you to everyone from Cherrytree for putting together such an amazing show, wanna thank all the artists that performed and a special thank you to Tone, once again for getting me and my sister in :) had SO much fun.

Thank you Cherrytree, you should make this an annual thing  <3 x


Wow, what an event!


The whole night was a bit of blur to me but throughout the entire evening I just remember this feeling that everyone was having such a great time at a special event.


I mentioned on the Orchard this week that the most memorable part of the event for me was the way the bands and their crews blended so well and so gracefully.  It's not easy sharing a stage setup, dressing areas, soundcheck, etc. with 5 other acts!  My other vivid memory of the event was watching the crowd during the performances and feeling the sense of absolute joy and excitement from both the audience and the artists - from Ellie's surprise one song performance, to Colette's European debut, to Natalia's sexy set, to Frankmusik's polished whirlwind of a performance, to Far East Movement's endless energy, to LMFAO's raucous onstage party.  The fans, the Rec'ers, the listeners in the chat, the tweeters...I could see, hear and feel your energy!


So thanks to everyone who attended and listened for making the night special for me! 


We have to do this again.




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