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My name is Michael and I'm a songwriting student at Berklee College of Music in Boston. I'm currently looking for internship opportunities for the upcoming summer, and since I am specifically a pop-songwriting student, I am looking for opportunities with more pop oriented labels.

I'm quite the fan of Cherrytree and am wondering if there is anybody in/on the forums who may be able to shed some light as to who I could contact for more information!?!

I've looked at a few internships specifically through Universal, but I'm trying my luck looking for more specific songwriting based internships. I honestly would be completely happy getting to experience being an assistant to staff writers. That would give me an opportunity to really see how the business of staff-writing works. However, I am honestly up for anything - Especially with a pop label I admire.

So as I inquired before, if there is anybody who could possibly shed some light on how I could obtain more information I would be quite grateful! :)


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I'll let Scott know about this topic, he might be able to help. If you want to drop him a message yourself you can do on his profile here.

You can also look up Internships on
Thanks so much guys! You've been a big help. I'll definitely drop Scott a message, and hopefully I'll find out some more information that way.

And I've actually looked through the internships offered at, and I am definitely planning to apply for those, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to try and see if there was anybody who could shed some light on if obtaining an internship directly through Cherrytree is even possible. I'm hoping to specifically work/write for a pop label after leaving Berklee, so I'm hoping that if possible I can score some intern time with a pop label I love! :)

Thanks for the help, and if you know anything else that could help me please let me know! I'd appreciate it greatly!

Hi Dean, I met Martin backstage at Robyn's show at Radio City, whilst meeting Natalia Kills, and we had great rapport.  I asked him about being involved, working with or for Cherrytree, and he said to contact you, to set up a meeting.  I have a passion for music and new artists, always have, and Martin said we should all talk.  When I mentioned internships, I told him I was a bit older, like 43, and he said "it doesn't matter, we'll work something out".  What should be the next step??



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