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Breakfast with Tokio Hotel...the twins 23rd birthday special - you help us pick the songs!

We're doing a special 23 song Breakfast With Tokio Hotel to celebrate the Kaulitz twins 23rd birthday.  If there's something in particular you want to hear during the show, drop us a reply in this thread and Scott (your host!) will pick out 23 songs for this Special Edition of Breakfast With Tokio Hotel!

The special will air on Saturday, September 1st at 8am PDT and will be rebroadcast later that night at 11pm PDT.

Breakfast with Tokio Hotel, heard only on Cherrytree Radio at or by clicking the oval Cherrytree Radio icon.

Thanks for listening and thanks for participating!

*** UPDATE ***

Due to the overwhelming response, we've set up a voting booth/poll at so you can vote directly for the songs you want to hear this Saturday.

Feel free to continue to post your favorites here and make your case for why *your* song should be played during the show!

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Oh, "In Die Nacht" is a great idea for their birthday!

"It's So Hard to Live", "Kampf der Liebe" and "Totgeliebt", please! Or maybe "Wir Sterben Niemals Aus" since the twins wrote it together!

the original Rette Mich, from Schrei, not the single version. <3

leb Die Sekunde!... or Fur Immer Jetzt... wait, no... In Die Nacht...their song<3

Leb Die Sekunde is Bill's favorite song (and hes proud of it) so it should be played!!

Attention.... Must see the lyrics that stream on the App version of Cherrytree radio to figure out that one line.

I'll pick my top 5... probably:

Der Letzte Tag (Warp 8 remix!!!)

Ready Set Go!

Humanoid (either EN or DE)

Hurricanes & Suns

Darkside of the Sun

all the songs!

Heilig (trabendo session)

In Die Nacht

or Ich Bin Nich Ich

or Phantomrider

Thanks Tony!!

1000 Meere, Heilig, In die hard to choose :)

Thank you for doing this:)


_ In your shadow I can Shine

_ That Day

_ On the Edge

_ Jung und nicht mehr jungenfrei

Thank You♥ :3



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