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It's Tokio Hotel Day on April 16th!  Come celebrate with us on Cherrytree Radio for a special all request HOUR of Breakfast with Tokio Hotel!


Leave your requests for Scott in the topic below, including your name (or screen name), city/country you're in, and the song you want to hear. Scott will go through the requests and pick out songs for the show airing on Saturday April 16th at 8am Pacific Daylight Time.


Start Tokio Hotel Day off the right way with the special hour long all request edition of Breakfast with Tokio Hotel!


Thanks for listening and thanks for participating!

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Leb Die Sekunde (Acoustic)



Rotterdam, Holland :)


Nach dir Kommt nichts


Deppy, CREECE! 

Name: Polina (YBS)
City/Country: Voronezh\Russia
Song: Rette mich
Name: Mariana (Mari-anna Kltz' Mannreall)

City/Country: Mexico

Song: Ich Bin Nicht Ich

Hard to pick one... here's two ;o)  Wir Schlieben Uns Ein or Ich Bin Nicht Ich


Thanks Cherry Tree!


Katherine, Colorado, U.S.A

This will be EPIC. Thanks so much for this CT!!! <3


screename - Mondlicht

country - USA

song - Hurricanes and Suns

Name: Alexandra

City/Country: Irkutsk/Russian Federation

Song: Hey Du/Hey you

Phantom Rider




Unendlichkeit *.*

Adelja, Russia



Reggio Calabria


1000 meere

Melanie, Faeroe Islands

Hilf mir fliegen



Chambéry, France.



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