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Your I love laugh it's pretty easy one level 2 I for CG setup is to do all the something we come out flat muscle out here in the second before I do on talk little bit about on your mechanics on the GS set up so we're going to go into is now will demon real quick this in case you are brand new and you don’t know that I'm talking about so the level 21 looks like this a just got like was like a half way and the level 3 would be we come all the way super extended you touch the ground and then you come all the way up some people like to walk their knees out on the way True Garcinia Cambogia up they've come here and I like to see pretty straight and pop like that that’s a great technique to so as well KC setup looks like on what I want to point out though is to be and that Barry globally extended position and that's okay arm if you have a few things in place you want to be extended through herewith my butt squeeze that that from the side is rolling my pelvis backwards now my palace has an angle like this which is good for my spine that my pelvis my bus not squeeze gather my toes rolled forward like this now my post 24 my spine has to curb all the way like that my spy it's been a very.

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