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Just wondering, because the only person I've run into on this site who's from Aussie other than myself is my biffle who I know IRL o.O;

Anyway I'm from Melbourne, and I've recently started a street team on Myspace which can be found here: (also, could someone help me on how to set a 2.0 profile to public? -.-)

And we also have a website:

I've been trying to get some fan action going; we realllyyyy need to increase TH's popularity in Australia.

Make sure to sign the petition as well if you haven't already!

So TH Aussies, where the bloody hell are ya? ;D

- Jessykins

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The Ellen Degeneres Campaign for Tokio Hotel
[Fan collabration video]

Wanna find out more:
support us or become a member on:

Let's put them on the show to make them even more popular in the U.S.



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