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Alternative pop is great, thanks cherry tree! what about alternative other things?

Hey there, my name is Mel. There are 2 things that i love more than anything else in the world. Music and Video games. I love cherry tree radio because they give musical artists the exposure that they deserve and help to get their music out there. I would often much rather listen to cherry tree radio rather than the crap that they play on the radio here in my town.

When it comes to video games, I believe that many great games have gone unnoticed. Everyone knows about mario and pac man and tetris and street fighter, but what about more obscure games that never got the chance to see the light of day state side? That's where I come in. i have a passion for everything eccentric, even when it comes to popular media. please take a look at my new series about obscure games at . thanks!


i'm not sure if this would be considered "spam" or not but i just felt like putting it out there.

sorry if i happened to break any forum rules or anything. but hey, you guys seem cool so i figured you'd be cool with it. cheers. :)

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