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I wrote a song.Plz ty to learn and feel this with your heart. TITLE IS 'HURT;TOUGH;ROUGH..                                                                CHA CHA CHAR CHAR R-R-RR,queen queenA na na,VERSE1;Tonight i gonna show u my a**.You gonna touch my love-L-O-V-E mean-me License[phonetics;li-an] Of Vagina[va-gi-na] Entrance,Do u have this guarantee-ee?or broke your-ou talkie.Boom boom kyika kyikha that made my nip-nipple tendery,,in that superpositionary WOW!   six-six -sex-sex-ex-sexty,nine-nine-en-em';-em'-I[CHORUS;like it rough,hard,hot,damage[damn'-ma-je]Give me a hard fucky ASSY.Take me to your sex love bed.Then ex-ex-exchanging our love-liquors r r r.Make 'em u[phonetics;u=oo] u-uranus[definition'uranus'=ur anus]Hurt,Tough,Rough,ard,ough,ough[laughing]CHAR CHAR CHAR CHA-CH.. VERSE2;Tonight i let you call me DOG[phonetic;DOE-GE].I lip your assss don';t.Tell your mummy amy.Just feed me with your caky.I gonna let you touch my spot-G.Hee-Hee-Heeee[laugh].I wanna stop!If you broke-o-ke me-e,i gonna make you.Die-i with car-carcarcinogy,Piece-pi-ceee into tiny,Chopped by knify.But take your hearty-arty in my arms-arm-army,i'm introduced..coz I[CHORUS],VERSE3;Work the-that sympathetic.Like ';em shooting stars for me.point-pointing head.Covering up is acrosomy.Making a swim into me.I drink it up!I-I-I let u rule over me.I let u move into me.I let u play with mine,,like P-E-C-pec-pec-pectoral girdles-r-del-ae-ae and those between thighs-thigs-thigs coz I[CHORUS] Plz dont abandon me-e.Don't be abstaining of me.Plz-plz-plz.Like a f****** condom.Like a f****** condom.That you had used.Introduce and love me may-- com-com-com-comfort u coz i boom boom boom boom[chorus].                                                        

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