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Hi Everybody,

We're excited to provide another chance for you to meet Tokio Hotel. This time, during their visit to Los Angeles at their Hot Topic (Universal City Walk location) in-store appearance this coming Thursday, October 22nd. What's more, we're going to make available 4 pairs of passes in advance right here on like this:

Just answer the following question under this Cherrytree Records forum topic.

In 200 words or less, if you could ask Tokio Hotel one question, what would it be?

4 people (1 pair of tickets per person selected) will be picked from the entries. Please remember that you have to be a member of to enter and be able to make your own way to the Hot Topic in-store event. We'll be accepting entries until Tuesday, October 20th, 6pm Pacific.

Good luck,
The Cherrytree Gang

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if i could ask tokio hotel one question my question would probuly be for bill:
when u wrote in die nacht what was runing throw ur head was it all the stuff u and ur brother have been through, all the things you are going through, all the things u guys are going to go through or wish to, or just everything in gerneral?
My name is Jessi and I am a 25 year old fan from the LA area. I just moved here from a super small town so to have this experience would be a wonderful way for me to start my life in LA :D.
I have been a fan for a year now, and I absolutely adore this band and their music! I was super down that I couldn't make it to Hot Topic to get passes because I was working. If I could ask Tokio Hotel one question it would be, "Where do you see yourself in ten years in your career and why?" I want to know if they plan to stay in the music business for the rest of their lives or if they will eventually retire when they feel they have reached the height of their success. As a devoted fan, of course I want them to stay the course :D.

Thank you Cherrytree! Please, please pick me!!!
I know you have already achieved your dreams as becoming a successful rock n roll band. So now i want to know, whats your next dream you would like to fulfill? more than anything what is your hearts next big desire?
L.A. California
my question would be . . .

for you guys, what was the moment that made you realize " I'm finally famous, Ive made it to the top " and why ?

if i could ask tokio hotel any question it would be ; the first time yoou ever wrote music was there ever a doubt in your mind that you wouldn't make it? i would love to know if they ever had doubt in themselves
Whenever I see Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav they come off so confident and sure of themselves. But I think everyone feels unsure or shy sometimes! So I think I'd ask them, what makes you feel self conscious, and how do you handle that in the spotlight?
My question is, besides Germany, if you could live anywhere in the world - where would it be & why? Ok to have 4 different answers. The question is to see what the difference in personalities are. I am an older fan & I think TH is amazing & ingenius in their art. I haven't been this wowed by a band in quite a long time. Just brilliant!!
Well if I could ask tokio hotel one thing it would be how much they think they matured ever since the beginning of their career.
hey guys? my question is have your guys wonderful success changed any of you guys if so how?? like good or bad and/or why??. thanks for your time
LOVE! Valerie rubalcava Frm California
My question:
If you give them a chance to be a normal person for one day. Could you stop doing everything that they've grown accustomed?
I would ask them
How difficult is translating from German to English or vice versa?
dude your q rocks i love it.. XD they should definitely ask this one

Amanda Francis said:
Since Halloween is just around the corner, if I had to ask Tokio Hotel a question, my question would be if they had ever experienced any kind of paranormal activity (e.g. seeing ghosts, hearing things, etc.).



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