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Hi Everybody,

We're excited to provide another chance for you to meet Tokio Hotel. This time, during their visit to Los Angeles at their Hot Topic (Universal City Walk location) in-store appearance this coming Thursday, October 22nd. What's more, we're going to make available 4 pairs of passes in advance right here on like this:

Just answer the following question under this Cherrytree Records forum topic.

In 200 words or less, if you could ask Tokio Hotel one question, what would it be?

4 people (1 pair of tickets per person selected) will be picked from the entries. Please remember that you have to be a member of to enter and be able to make your own way to the Hot Topic in-store event. We'll be accepting entries until Tuesday, October 20th, 6pm Pacific.

Good luck,
The Cherrytree Gang

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I would ask Tokio Hotel :

Where did u guys get your inspiration for HUMANOID?

Waited so long for theit new album "HUMANOID" and i fell in love with every single track, i automaticly listen to both english and german versions when i wake up. Their lyrics are not the same so some songs must have been written in english translated to german, some might have been written in german transalted to english. I really would like to know their inspiration behind this amazing album. I am really happy that tokio hotel will come to the US expecially CALIFORNIA! we havent seen them in a while. I cant wait for them to get here, i know im not the only one waiting for them. :) Tokio Hotel we are waiting for u :D

my question would be:
when you make love songs who or whom are you inspiration, is something that happened to you, is something that you want to happen to you or is something about other people??
My question to Tokio Hotel would be:

As a Band, where do you see yourselves in 10 years from now? Will you still be rocking out at concerts or do you think you guys might have- just a break, so some of you or all of you could have a bit of life and get married and maybe have children or start a tattoo buisness or something that is in your interest away from the band?
When performing on stage, would you prefer to sing it in english or in german?
I would ask Tokio Hotel:

If you guys had a day off to go anywhere and do whatever you wanted,without anybody bothering and no security guards,where would you go and what would you do?

-Daniela C.
If I were to ask Tokio Hotel any question what would it be? That's a hard one! Um.. What was your childhood like before Devilish and Tokio Hotel?
If Tokio hotel were to enter this very contest, what one question would each member ask their favorite band or person?As they are famous musicians now, perhaps they have been able to personally fulfill a dream of meeting someone who inspired them musically, or in any other way and we always want to know what that is like. I realize Bill met Nena, so obviously he has has this opportunity and I believe we would all like to know what the whole conversation was like. As fans we always desire to talk with artists who influence us, but usually never can accomplish it. As a famous person that changes and they can fulfill their dream perhaps, and I always wanted to know how those experiences are and what the whole conversation is like.
Would you ever consider having my band open for you? ^___^ (
Since Halloween is just around the corner, if I had to ask Tokio Hotel a question, my question would be if they had ever experienced any kind of paranormal activity (e.g. seeing ghosts, hearing things, etc.).
What do you guys wear to bed? Pajamas, underwear, nothing?...

My question would be:

Did Tom Kaulitz or his suitcase full of condoms have anything to do with the songs "Down on You" and "Human Connect to Human"?

whether it be written for him, written by him, or written because of him?
My questionnn<3

After being away from the musical public eye (not counting all the little dramas that happened during your recording sessions) did you ever think your fans would leave you after the long wait? (well apparently they havent cus are all still here<3 but hypothetically?




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